R&D Finance with Radium Capital

Boost your capital and cash flow all year round with R&D finance

Carbon has partnered with Australian R&D finance specialists Radium Capital to help our clients access smarter capital and smooth their cash flow.

With uncertainty on the rise, it’s important to make sure your business locks in affordable and available sources of capital for R&D. Did you know if your organisation is claiming the federal government R&D tax incentive, you can apply for R&D finance and access your refund as quickly as 3 days after approval?

To learn more, check out this short video explaining R&D finance from Radium Capital.


Unlock your R&D tax incentive with a Radium Advance™

If your business is eligible for the federal government R&D tax incentive then chances are it’s eligible for a Radium Advance. So you’re missing a trick if you’re not applying.

R&D finance works by allowing your company to use your R&D refund as security against a loan from Radium Capital.

This avoids the 12-18 month wait to receive your refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). In these uncertain times, it makes sense to lock in sources of finance that are certain. And the R&D tax incentive is government-backed so it’s unlikely to disappear due to instability in the finance markets.

And under the Federal Government’s rules, there’s no annual limit on the number of times businesses can bring forward their R&D refunds. So we’d recommend you do this every quarter when you’re completing your business activity statement. Taking a quarterly approach enables you to either increase your R&D spend by up to 50% or reduce R&D capital outlay by up to 33%.

Here’s how the quarterly Radium Advance™ works.


R&D finance could be a clever part of your capital and cash flow mix

These type of loans (R&D advances) are cash-flow friendly too. Turnaround times for approvals and funds can be as fast as a few business days. So if you need to access capital quickly, this product fits the bill. There’s also nothing to pay until you get your tax back after the financial year ends.

Carbon’s expert team is here to guide you through the application process and help you with the paperwork you need to support your application.

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A Radium Advance allows you to access up to 80% of your R&D tax refund and reinvest up to 150% of your R&D expenditure:
  • Increase your R&D expenditure or reduce your capital outlay
  • Affordable arrangement fee of $699+GST
  • 15% p.a. interest rate
  • No repayments until your R&D refund arrives
  • Secured against your ATO refund.
(Any outstanding balance is returned to you after fees and interest).

How to apply

Get in touch with Carbon and we’ll confirm that you’re eligible for R&D finance. One of our team will guide you through the application process. We’ll help you gather your documents, confirm your tax position with the ATO and let you know the outcome of your loan application within two business days.
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