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Mark Spencer
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Mark Spencer

Managing Director

Mark joined Carbon in 2020 to head-up our insurance division alongside Con Bochrinis. With nearly 30 years experience within the Perth Intermediated Insurance sector, Mark has extensive knowledge of both industry and product disciplines which he passes onto his SME and corporate clients. 

Mark has a wide-range of experience, including property, liability, motor fleet, engineering and workers compensation. Throughout everything he does, Mark puts his client’s needs is the top priority and he strives to produce the best result every time. 

What do you like the most about working in insurance? 

The ability to help clients better understand complex issues by explaining it in a simple format is my favourite thing. Something that was initially overwhelming becomes much easier to process once it’s broken down. 

Why did you partner with Carbon? 

The opportunity to help Carbon clients with risk management and exposure issues, and to provide a better experience for clients was one I couldn’t turn down. Carbon’s young ‘go-getter’ attitude and values also spoke to me and aligned to my own. 

Your top insurance tip for business owners 

Use the knowledge of your trusted advisor to gain better insight into unidentified risks – such as cyber security and OHS – and areas that you may not know about. It’s the unknown unknowns or company killers that could impact a business, and your advisor can help you prepare for these. 

Get to know Mark 

Mark’s favourite place in the world is Red Bluff at Quobba Station. It’s his perfect spot for remote camping, surfing and fishing. 

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