Partner spotlight - Allison Gardiner

Partner spotlight - Allison Gardiner

As part of our partner spotlight series, we talk to one of our bookkeeping partners in Melbourne, Allison Gardiner. Learn why she decided to start her bookkeeping business with Carbon.

In our partner spotlight series, we're speaking with our partners to hear their stories about running their own business with the support of Carbon. Here, we speak with Allison Gardiner, one of our bookkeeping partners in Melbourne.

Why did you want to go into business for yourself?                   

Previously working as an inhouse CFO for a boutique law firm, I wanted to start my own bookkeeping business for the freedom to choose how I work, and the ability to help more businesses manage and understand their finances.

What have been the highlights of your time as a Carbon partner so far?

Every time I have asked for something, it has been made available to me. Having the support of a bigger firm who has made all the mistakes already has been priceless. I’ve also really enjoyed being part of the Carbon community, sharing our successes.

What are you looking to achieve over the next few months?

Fast growth. I’m always looking for the next opportunity, and Melbourne small businesses are starting to really wake up and understand the benefits of automation. We are perfectly positioned to assist these businesses, and the focus for me is making sure they know we are here and ready to help.

What’s your ultimate business goal?

To be the biggest (and best – goes without saying) bookkeeping firm on the east coast. I believe this is a realistic goal with the support of Carbon.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of going out on their own?

Outsource as much as you can. Focus on the things that are going to return you the best outcome. If you are not great at processes, then find someone who is and pay them to set things up for you. Apply this thinking across all areas of the business and you will set yourself up to succeed. Part of my reasoning for joining Carbon was knowing that they had all of this internally. They have admin support staff, meaning I can spend more time working with my clients, a marketing team so I don’t need to attempt to do this myself or outsource to an agency who doesn’t fully understand the brand, and a team of accountants who continually advise me on how to improve my business.

If, like Allison, you'd like to start your own bookkeeping business with the support of a bigger group, contact us to find out about our partnership opportunities, or head to our Carbon Partner Empowerment (CPE) page to learn more.

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