2018 Telstra Business Awards – reflecting on our achievements

2018 Telstra Business Awards – reflecting on our achievements

Last week, we attended the 2018 Telstra Business Awards dinner gala. It was a great time to engage and network with other business professionals and reflect on our achievements over the past 12 months. We've highlighted some of key takeaways in this blog.

Last week, we attended the Telstra Business Awards dinner gala at The Westin. From 10,000 entries, the judges narrowed down to 24 finalists here in WA. We were proud of where we had come no matter who took home the award! The submission process was an extremely rewarding process; it allowed us to reflect on the achievements we have achieved over the last 12 months and really appreciate the work that has gone into making Carbon, Carbon.
We thought this provided a great opportunity for us to share some of the biggest moments over the past year and key areas that have shaped Carbon.

Be willing to take risk

Some of our biggest achievements have been the result of taking risks. We often avoid doing things due to the risk of the outcome. What if things don’t go to plan? What if it ends up being the wrong decision? As entrepreneurs, it’s important to take risks to remain competitive in the market.
Take our growth for example. We’ve taken huge risks over the last few years merging with and acquiring businesses. And we’ve done this at an extremely fast pace! To date, we have successfully completed our 11th merger, which has resulted in Carbon launching interstate. Starting as one office in Osborne Park in 2014, we now have four offices in Perth, one in Melbourne and one in Adelaide. There was tremendous risk associated with all of these opportunities, but the risk paid off. Our growth has definitely been one of our biggest achievements and launching interstate is a definite milestone for all at Carbon.

Work-life integration is the new work-life balance

Over the last year, we realised that a standard 8:30-5:00 work day doesn’t suit everybody, and for many of us, the workday does not end when you leave the office. For this reason, you’ll hear the term work-life integration being used at Carbon rather than work-life balance. Since we heavily adopted cloud-based software, the need to be physically in an office to do work has become redundant, and many of our Carbonites have the option to work remotely.
One way we have addressed this concept was through the launch of our Carbon Partner Empowerment (CPE) model, giving accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners the opportunity to become a partner at Carbon. This has given working mums the opportunity to get back in control of their career, whilst also being able to drop the kids off at school, attend school events, and have family time on evenings and weekends. Our CPE model helps to challenge the misconception that females can’t be successful at both family life and having a professional career at the same time. We’re proud that we’re challenging the industry and giving females the opportunity to continue their professional journey.

Continually invest in technology

Carbon have been early adopters of industry related technology, such as Xero and MYOB. By doing so, we’ve earned our place in the market; we’re Xero’s largest partner in Australia, third worldwide. We have a dedicated team who continually assess our internal processes and look for more efficient systems that we can implement. By having technology take care of the admin work, our specialists have more time to spend with clients, helping to improve relationships and engage in more advice-based work with them. Next on the cards is implementing a sophisticated CRM system which will improve the integration between our divisions, resulting in a better experience for our clients, and allowing us to identify opportunities within our database. We’re all about getting smart, and the results definitely show.
We’re proud to be 2018 Telstra Medium & Making Waves finalists, and look forward to entering next year and reflecting on our achievements a year from now. Huge congratulations to the WA winners:

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