Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

If you’ve been developing new products, processes or services, chances are you’ve invested a lot of time and money into ensuring it is ready for market. Accelerating Commercialisation provides that extra boost you need to really launch into the market with a bang and be assured you can make an impact.
To apply, you must be an Australian-based for-profit organisation and successful applicants may receive matched dollar-for-dollar grants of up to $1 million funding. This means that to receive a $1 million grant, you must have access to $1 million of you own, be that through future debt funding, potential equity investment or already existing cash reserves.
It’s important to note that the Accelerating Commercialisation grant is highly competitive and there is no guarantee that you will get funded if you apply.
There are some criteria that must first be met in order to receive the grant. These are:
  • Need for funding
  • Market opportunity
  • Value proposition
  • Execution plan
  • Management capability
  • National benefits

How to apply

The first thing we’ll do before we apply is have a casual chat about the project you are planning. What are its merits and what are its shortcomings and do an initial sense check as to how likely you are to get funding. If there are fatal flaws in the idea, then we can all save ourselves a lot of time and money by not applying. If the idea has some merit, then we can proceed to the next stage.
The next stage in applying for the Accelerating Commercialisation grant is to lodge an expression of interest form with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science which administer the grant.
From there, you will receive feedback and be given a chance to amend the details of your expression of interest before lodging a full application. If you are successful at this point, you will be invited in front of a panel of judges to effectively “pitch” your idea, Shark Tank style, and have it pulled part to expose any flaws.
If you manage to emerge from all this unscathed, you may be successful in receiving funding.
Our grant specialists are on hand to guide you through the entire process and provide expert advice at every step along the way. If you’d like to reach out for an obligation-free, no strings conversation about your project, please contact us to discuss it further.
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