Life at Carbon

Carbonites are fun, dynamic, and energetic people and we take pride in the Carbonites that keep us running. We focus on creating a great working environment for our team where they can be their best selves and make the most out of their time and careers with us — all while having a blast!

Melbourne Cup 2020

An annual tradition here at Carbon is to dress up for the day and head for a few drinks, have a good catch up with our other offices, and of course to watch the race!

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Carbon Halloween 2020

Halloween at Carbon did get a little spooky! Our Carbonites got into their best costumes for the day and had a lot of fun.

Carbonite of the Quarter - Barefoot Bowls

Our Carbonite of the Quarter was a blast and we have to say, we dressed the part!

Melbourne Cup 2019

An annual tradition here at Carbon is to dress up for the day and head to The Saint for a few bevvies, a good catch up with our other offices, and of course to watch the race that stops the nation.

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Carbon Halloween 2019

As our annual Halloween tradition here at Carbon, our Carbonites got into their best costumes for the day. The Halloween spirit is alive and well within the Carbon walls!

Carbon's 5th birthday bash!

For our 5th birthday, we celebrated with a Vegas-themed party at Crown! Everyone looked absolutely stunning!

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Carbonite Puppy

We had this gorgeous 8 week old German Shepherd puppy visit us today! Can we keep him here forever?!

Carbon Christmas Party

We celebrated the end of another successful year by letting our hair down at Perth City Farm. Face painting, a food truck, a photo booth and a silent disco all made for a great night!

Melbourne Cup

Our Carbonites took the day to celebrate and enjoy and to compete for the best dressed Carbonite!

Carbon Halloween 2018

Staying true to the annual Carbon tradition, everyone came to work in their costumes and make-up to either be scary, adorable, or even both!

Carbonite of the quarter

Huge thanks to Brant Garvey for inspiring our Carbonites at our recent Carbonite of the Quarter social. Brant showed us that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you can always overcome them.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Learn more about Brant here.

R U OK day

We got involved in R U OK day, a day dedicated to keeping up with your family, friends, and everyone around you to check if they're doing ok. Our Carbonites wrote anonymous compliment cards for their colleagues and placed the notes on their desk to start their day off with a smile.

Carbon pirates, wizards, and ninjas

To break through communication barriers, we have teamed up with The Gelo Company to create a fun, training session with our Carbonites where found out who the pirates, wizards, and ninjas are in the team! We also had loads of fun doing it.

Monthly cake day

We love taking some time to wish our Carbonites a happy birthday with some cheers and delicious cupcakes! 

International food day

Our annual international food day lets the team dig in to different dishes coming from our Carbonites' home countries. We get a taste of the various dishes from different countries, right in our office.

Carbon Halloween

In the true spirit of Halloween, we encourage our Carbonites to come dressed in their best costumes and help decorate the office into a real spookfest!

EOFY retreat

At the end of each financial year, we take our Carbonites out to celebrate a great year of working together, build better relationships, and most of all, to have fun!

Melbourne Cup

During the Melbourne Cup, we take out our Carbonites and grab drinks together to enjoy the the race that stops the nation.

Carbon Christmas

Secret Santa in the Carbon office! It's really just an excuse for Jamie and Nathan to bring out their Santa costumes.

Carbon stars

Everyone gets extra giddy whenever we have a photoshoot or video shoot in the office. And we wouldn't have it any other way. We love catching our Carbonites unleash their inner stars whenever there's a camera around!

Andre's famous burgers

No one makes better burgers than Andre's famous halloumi burgers! 

Carbon quarterly catch-ups

At the end of every quarter, we invite all our Carbonites for a day outside the office to catch up on the amazing quarter that just ended, and to celebrate all the team's and their personal wins.

Carbon tap

Need a drink? We've got everyone covered! Our very our Carbon keg makes Friday drinks that bit more special.

Office shenanigans

Being a Carbonite is all about having fun. When the bosses headed off to XeroCon, we had our own bit of fun doing the Carbon shake! Watch the video here.

The Carbon initiation

Ready to become a Carbonite yourself? We've got some neat initiation stuff prepared just for you! The Carbon culture is definitely something you won't find anywhere else.
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