What to do about Westpacs rate hike?

So….. The big 4 put their rates up and unfortunately it is going to cost you.

It’s just not cricket that Westpac, NAB, CBA and ANZ all put their rates up as much as 0.2% when other banks are leaving them very competitive levels. With everything naturally inflating at an alarming rate, the last thing borrowers need is banks jumping the gun.

It’s like that friend who brings nothing to the table and then eats the most. He’s also the guy that’s going to tell you a story about a much better table he went to. I hate that guy. Unfortunately you’re generally stuck with your friends/members of a friendship circle. Fortunately, you don’t need to be loyal to a loan.

The average home loan should is currently sitting at around 4.5%, but at Carbon we don’t want you to have average.  This is why we’re especially excited about a very newly released rate of 3.94%! This mean you are looking at real savings. Did I mention that it’s a fixed rate?

If you are sore about the rate rise, it may be time to look at refinancing. Maybe you would like to consolidate some of your debt and roll your credit card debt into your home loan? Maybe you would like to use some of your equity to put in a pool? At Carbon Finance we can help you with all of this and more.

Call us on 9446 8588 and ask for Jack for a free consultation. No Pressure. We do great coffee too.






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