Carbon Group & Deputy online rostering application

Using Online Rostering Apps In Your Hospitality Business

Spending hours completing rosters for your business? Always running short of time? Got post-it notes everywhere of when staff aren’t available? There’s never been a better or more affordable time to move away from Excel (or paper) rostering and make your life easier.

The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications has meant that no longer are the premium applications only available to large multimillion dollar companies. Small business owners can now afford to have premium cloud based applications, without forking out the massive expense.
One of the most affordable, and easy to use applications is Deputy. This application is cloud-based meaning its accessible anywhere, anytime. Not only does the business benefit from reduced admin time, but the staff will benefit too.

How Online Rostering Can Save your Staff Time:

• Submit time off requests
• Always know when they are working – no more phone calls
• Staff can swap shifts with each other and submit to manager for approval
• They can view how many hours they have worked for that week

Creating rosters has never been easier. Business owners can create base templates, or copy and paste shifts to the next week, and automatically omit staff not available. Owners can set a budget or spend limit, and allow managers to complete rosters to budget using accurate sales vs wage comparison, or %s.

Compliance Issues or Training Requirements within the Hospitality Workplace?

Does your business require a first aid staff member for a café? Maybe someone with a RSA for a pub? Or a security licence for a venue. With an online rostering tool such as Deputy, locations can be created with restrictions, allowing only staff with the correct certifications to work in these areas. Assign these certificates with an expiry date, and have an alert come through to you when it’s time to renew them.

No Server or Hidden IT Costs

With these cloud-based applications, gone are the days of having a server installed in the back corner of our office. No ongoing maintenance costs of a server, no calling out IT staff to fix any failures (which happen a lot!). Deputy is completely online, with data stored in multiple locations so it’s always accessible. Its run on one of the most advanced web services available with 99.99% uptime. And updates are free and frequent and automatically applied to your account.

How Else Can Online Rostering Systems Help My Business?

Deputy is a great application, but what really makes it that premium application is its ability to integrate with other cloud-based applications such as Kounta for you POS needs, and Xero for your accounting package. When completely integrated, sales data from the POS flow into Deputy, giving you an incredibly accurate sales vs wage comparison, and accurate sales forecasting for future weeks. Staff can clock on and off from within Kounta, and their timesheets will all be recorded within Deputy for the manager to check. Lastly these timesheets can be exported into Xero’s payroll function for processing. No more double or triple entry between your applications. These cloud-based apps allow you to have a complete ecosystem to streamline your business increasing efficiency and saving you money in administration costs.

Carbon Business Systems can help implement these or even just offer some advice if you’re considering moving to an online rostering system. We conduct thorough consultations to get to know your business and understand the systems you currently use, enabling us to provide accurate recommendations to take your business to the cloud. Contact us today to get started by completing the form below, or calling us on (08) 9446 8588.

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