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Maitreya Speering

R&D and Grants Partner

Maitreya graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and immediately started his professional journey in the R&D tax team at Deloitte. Maitreya was ambitious from day one and worked hard to get promoted as quickly as possible and soon made his way to become a Manager. He was always fascinated by technology and the efficiencies that it could bring to business and so formed a project team within Deloitte to develop an automated, cloud-based system called “Inspired” that assisted clients with their R&D claim process. The journey of designing, developing and commercialising this technology developed a thirst in Maitreya for doing this at scale and building a business around it.

At this point, Maitreya co-founded a company called Epic Delivery aimed at providing on-demand delivery via a smartphone app for anything available in Perth shops delivered to your door in under 30 minutes. Maitreya worked on the sales and marketing and financial side of the business while his co-founder developed the software and together they launched Epic into the market. Maitreya learned a lot from what went right, and also what went wrong, with this venture and now utilises this knowledge and experience to assist his clients in the startup space.

Maitreya joined Carbon Group in late 2017 and immediately resonated with our cutting edge, technology-driven and innovative business model. It seemed to be a match made in heaven as Maitreya and the Carbon Group co-founders saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things and this inspired Maitreya to jump on board as a partner and really grow his business in the space he is passionate about; assisting engaged, ambitious and talented entrepreneurs achieve their goals in developing and commercialising innovative technology.

Business tips from Maitreya

There are four things you need to have a successful business.

  1. The world needs it
  2. The world is willing to pay for it
  3. You’re good at it
  4. You’re passionate about it

If you have all four of these things, brilliant! Pour every ounce of energy you have into it and make it a success. If you’re missing one of these things, it’s not going to work out, so you might want to consider doing something else.

Get to know Maitreya

Maitreya is a Buddhist and is passionate about meditation. Maitreya meditates every day and loves the clarity, focus and drive that it brings him. He spends a lot of his spare time volunteering for a Buddhist organisation and attempting to help others in the world in any way he can.

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