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Joshua Stokes

Business Development Manager

Growing up in a family of accountants in Perth, small business always intrigued Josh. Initially starting his career in the hospitality industry, he gained his premise manager licence at the age of 18 whilst working at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in Northbridge which influenced his interest in craft beer and single malt whiskey!

Josh’s family owned and ran Stokes and Associates – an accounting firm located in Roleystone in the southern hills of Perth that partnered with Carbon Group to become Carbon Roleystone. Josh began working with his family, as he’s grown up around numbers and has a natural love of helping people with the financial side of their business, translating it into physical operations. The traditional accountant has always looked at past financials and advised clients to make cuts of things that aren’t generating an income, often at a great financial loss. Josh prefers to consider if the asset can be used and made financially viable, and how it can grow cash flow. He understands that his clients went into their line of business because they have a passion for that industry, so Josh’s goal is always about bringing that passion out and helping his clients do what they love.

Partnering with Carbon Group

In early 2018, Josh partnered with Carbon Group to launch Carbon’s Roleystone branch. His client base was growing rapidly due to the extended suite of services he was offering from the business. Whilst looking for options on how to better look after his client base, whilst keeping the one-on-one relationship the company had worked so hard on. Josh saw Carbon as a vibrant, local business with the same thoughts and targets that he had for Stokes and Associates. After many chats with Jamie and Nathan, teaming up with Carbon was the logical answer for the firm and clients.

Get to know Joshua Stokes

Josh grew up amongst the orchards and bushlands of Roleystone/Karragullen. Outside of the office, Josh is busy finishing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He’s interested in woodwork, and you’ll often find him with a craft beer in hand using his creative side in the form of furniture making. A great achievement for Josh was when he ran the Run for a Reason event as the ambassador for the Asthma Foundation in 2010, just a few years after losing use of one lung, finishing in the top 600!

Never be afraid to take your business into uncharted territory, always ensure you do your research on where you’re going to land though.

Joshua Stokes

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