In our partner spotlight series, we get to know our partners and learn about their story of becoming a partner here at Carbon. This week, Josh Stokes from our Roleystone office shares his journey of becoming a partner at Carbon.

Why did you choose the industry you’re in?

Growing up in a family of accountants and small business, I have always been intrigued by the mechanics of how numbers work. Falling naturally into roles early in life that provided me with opportunities to assist small business owners to grow and build their dreams formed a passion for helping SMEs. The buzz I get from helping them hit those targets is incalculable.

Why did you want to go into business for yourself?

My family has owned and run Stokes & Associates for over 30 years and our client base was growing rapidly due to our reputation. Whilst looking for options on how to better look after our client base whilst still keeping the one-on-one relationship with our clients, Nathan and Jamie’s names came up quite often; a vibrant local business group aligning the exact same thoughts and targets we have. After many chats and many months of deliberation teaming up with Carbon was the logical answer for our clients and our firm.

What have been the highlights of your time as a Carbon partner so far?

A recent trip down south to visit some current and new clients with Andreas from financial planning was a great time. The team at Carbon are an incredibly supportive group; after only being part of Carbon Group for days we had partners and staff reaching out to help and assist wherever they could.

What are you looking to achieve over the next few months?

With a number of clients around the Margaret River and Great Southern area, I am looking to have a solid hub established down south to give people access to modern progressive financial assistance.

What’s your ultimate business goal?

My ultimate business goal is to be the go-to firm for the wine, brewing and liquor production industry Australia wide, helping the locals take on the internationals head-on.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of going out on their own?

Taking the jump into business is a huge step. It’s scary, exciting and stressful all at the same time, the key to success is to ensure you plan and measure where you’re going to land when you take that massive jump. Planning is everything, without a clear direction you waste all of your energy heading in multiple directions and never make it far from your starting point. I tell every one of my clients “you should be waking up and bouncing out of bed ready to head to work”. If you’ve lost that passion for your industry we need to find your way back on track. One of the best parts of Carbon Group is the amazing culture and support network built around modern financial thinking, being tech-forward, high-level professionalism and most of all enjoying what we do! The whole team help you celebrate the wins, learn from the losses and plan for the future.

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