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Our partners at Carbon have their own stories about their journey to becoming a partner. Hear what they have to say about launching their own practices with Carbon.


Ryan Eastman

“I was previously running my own finance business, Eastman Reed, working from home in the spare room. Whilst I had enough leads to keep the business ticking over, I was looking for an opportunity to be part of something bigger. A team to share successes with and collaborate with others. Becoming a partner at Carbon has been fantastic. Being part of a bigger team and learning from their experience. It’s also fantastic to be amongst professionals from Carbon’s other divisions and benefit from the internal referrals.”

Con Bochrinis

"I joined Carbon to lead their insurance division with 30 years' experience in the industry. What's different about Carbon is that they're a very creative bunch of people, whilst also being astute in business. It's extremely rewarding being part of a company who are innovative in providing solutions to a very diverse and interesting client base. Carbon's founders and partners are highly supportive and open to disruptive technology."
Con Bochrinis

Steve Wai

"One of the originals at Sterling Accountants, I’ve been a partner at Carbon Accounting since we launched in 2014. The journey has been amazing, and that is due to being in a business with like-minded individuals. It’s a fun, energetic environment to work in, sharing the focus of challenging the norm and our industry to give better results to our clients. The support network and culture we have built at Carbon is like no other. It’s an amazing company to be part of."

Steve Wai

Sinead French-Bluhm

"In 2013, I joined Fortuna Bravado which was ideal and suited me as I needed the flexibility to balance both work and family life. This then became Carbon Group in 2014, and I was later given the opportunity to become an associate partner. This decision came easy to me as Carbon aligned well with my values and principles. Carbon has consistently grown along our journey and has developed an amazing team supported with a wealth of knowledge to help not only our clients but also anyone who is interested investing further in the company. Carbon is forward thinking and innovative and I am honoured to be a part of this amazing company."

Sinead French-Bluhm

Clinton Gibson

"As a former partner of Sterling Accountants, I have been with Carbon since we launched in 2014, as a result of merging with Fortuna Bravado. I’ve experienced the entire growth journey, going from a team of accountants and bookkeepers in one office in Osborne Park, to offices Australia-wide offering an extensive suite of business services. The launch of Carbon’s partnership opportunities gives accountants the chance to leverage from our tried and tested processes to have the best start possible when launching their own accounting firm. Carbon is a fantastic company to be part of, setting the standard for accountants across Australia."

Clinton Gibson

Andreas Kettemann

"I partnered with Carbon as they offered me an amazing opportunity, running my own business within a successful accounting firm. Carbon have worked hard to achieve significant market presence in WA. Being part of a such a well-known, client focused and technology driven group certainly offers amazing future opportunities. Having the support of Carbon has made it easier to start my own business."

Andreas Kettemann

Allison Gardiner

"I really wanted to grow my practice quickly, and the best way I could see to do that was to partner with someone who already had systems in place, along with the experience of having grown a successful bookkeeping practice. That combination is not so easy to find, especially when I was looking for someone whose values align with mine. Carbon gave me all of this. An additional bonus for me was being able to bring such an exciting client focused model to Melbourne. It didn’t take me long after meeting with Jamie to see that he had exactly the formula I needed. In addition to this was the attraction of having access to the depth of knowledge and experience that exists across the wider Carbon Group."

Allison Gardiner

Michelle Maynard

"I partnered with Carbon as they encompassed everything that I wanted my practice to be – innovative, approachable, technology driven and fun! I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from Carbon to make starting my own accounting practice possible. "  

Michelle Maynard

Marc Wiriadisastra

"I’d like to grow presence within Perth to enable me to become the preferred advisor in WA. This was part of the reason that I chose to partner with Carbon. Carbon has strong branding and presence across Australia, so I believe with their support, I can achieve this."


Marc Wiriadisastra

Gail Rogerson

"Having worked with Carbon during the transition after the sale of my business to Carbon Group, I had firsthand knowledge about the business and the people I would be partnering with. To me, it was a no-brainer to be part of Carbon Group again. The benefit of being part of an established brand and business was a perfect answer for me based on our history and future vision. I would definitely endorse any bookkeeper who wants to be in their own business and part of a larger brand to give me a call to discuss the opportunities here at Carbon."

Gail Rogerson

Joshua Stokes

"My family owned and run firm Stokes & Associates has been around for over 30 years and our client base was growing rapidly with the new services we were offering. Whilst looking for options on how to better look after our client base, Nathan & Jamie’s names came up quite often, a vibrant local business group aligning the exact same thoughts and targets we have. After many chats and many months of deliberation teaming up with Carbon was the logical answer for our clients and our firm."

Joshua Stokes
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