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Carbon partnership FAQs

What if I already own a business and want to join the model?

Dont worry, this can happen. We simply acquire a 50% interest in your existing practise and then concentrate on growing the business together.

Can I work from the Carbon office?

Yes, we encourage people to work out of our local hubs so they get the full experience of what Carbon Group has to offer.

Do I own the business?

The business is owned 50/50 between Carbon Group and yourself. This means you share in the capital growth of the business, as opposed to growing that value for someone else, like with many bigger firms.

Who will have control of my business?

You will be the ultimate decision maker for your business. Carbon Group will provide you with parameters for values and culture, but the day to day work, how you run the business and what hours you maintain are up to you.

Can I become a partner at a hub?

Yes, once you have grown your own client base in excess of $500,000 in fees you can apply to become a partner of a local hub. Your individual client base will roll into the local hub and you will gain an equity share equal to contribution. You may also become eligible to acquire further equity in the future based on performance.

What if I have technical questions or want to bouce ideas off someone?

You will be part of the Carbon Group community which gives you the expertise of our partners and your fellow Carbonites. All you have to do is ask.

What training will be provided?

We offer as much mentoring and training as you need. If you have questions or need us to sit in client meetings, we're available. We are in this 50/50 so the quicker we can accelerate your growth the better. Formal training runs in the accounting team on a monthly basis.

How do referrals work between divisions?

You will be paid a referral fee of up to 20% of the first year's fees for any referral given to another division. This is payable when the division is paid by either the client or the institution (on behalf of the client)

Why would I refer to other divisions?

By being part of Carbon Group, your client is always your client and you can guarantee that the division you refer to will service them to the highest level. This level of quality control is hard to achieve when referring to external parties.

How do i generate income when I have no clients?

We can add to your approved contractor list and have you perform compliance work for the rest of Carbon Group. Contractor fees start at 35% of the job value and the "client owner" can increase this if they need the work completed faster. This additional income is not guaranteed year round, but is highly likely between July and December.

Advertising and marketing 

What does the branding fee cover?

To continue to market Carbon Group throughout all areas of media. It will benefit your business by cultivating credible relationships with your target market, growing brand awareness and creating loyalty with clients. Carbon Group's branding activities will make it easier to win new opputunities.

Who makes marketing decisions?

We have an internal marketing department that controls the Carbon Group brand. Outside of this, as long as you operate within our brand guidelines you're free to advertise yourself. Just ensure you include your direct phone number and web-links so leads cntact you directly. 

There is an option for you to use our internal resources to run Google AdWords or Facebook campaigns. This would be charged at a cost basis. 

Do my advertising/marketing decisions need approval?

Our marketing department is here to help and would love to be included in your planning and strategy, however as long as you operate within our guidelines you are free to do what you like. When organising collective campaigns for divisions, costs will be split.

Exit strategy

What happens if I want to exit?

You have the right to buy us out of the business at a pre-agreed value. If you want to sell the business, you can put it on the market within our existing Carbon Group network. Selling to someone in our network makes for a seamless transition resulting in the best outcome for the client. Failing this, you can sell the entire business to a third party. 

What if I get sick, injured or die?

We have a shareholders agreement in place to deal with these events. If sick or injured you may decide to continue trading by employing contractors. In death or serious illness, you can exit as per the options above. 

Tax agent registration

For contracting work you won't need a tax agent license. You would lodge under ours and we'd charge a nominal lodgement fee. 

New clients

Do new clients need approval of the Carbon partners?

No approval is necessary. If you're happy, we're happy. We do recommend a pricing structure, but ultimately this too is your decision. You may choose to charge more/less or offer discounts. 


What admin support is provided?

If you are based in one of our hubs, our administrative support will be there to greet your customers and answer your customer's phone calls free of charge. If you would like additional administrative support then an additional cost will be determined bason on the level of support required. 

When other partners are on-boarded, how will contract work be divided?

Each partner is allocated work equitably. When jobs are completed, additional work can be allocated.

What resources will I need at home?

Little to none as everything is typically online. Many of our bookkeeping team work from home and operate with two screens, a laptop and a soft-phone that plugs into their laptop. 

Tax and business services

How do finished documents get to clients and who collates them?

It's your business, so these tasks would be your responsibilty. If you'd like this as an added service we can determine an additional cost for you. These costs are determined on a case by case basis. 

Would jobs undertaken by me be subject to a review process?

In the early stages, yes. Longer term we only require random annual checks on some client files. If you would prefer a consistent review process we can definitely incorporate this service with the reviews undertaken by Carbon Group staff. Please note, you would be expected to reciprocate the service when required. 

Financial planning FAQs

Which dealer group do I use?

Carbon has an existing relationship with Synchron, however you are able to use a dealer group of your choosing. 

How are the dealer costs treated for the purposes of calculating the profit share?

The Carbon share of revenue and the shared office cost contribution is calculated on revenue, less any dealer fees. This means we only share in the residual revenue. 

Who handles my professional indemnity insurance and continued professional development?

This will be a service provided by your dealer group however, as Carbon grows certain services may be bought in house. 

Do new clients need approval of the Carbon partners?

No approval is necessary. If you're happy, we're happy. We do recommend a pricing structure, but ultimately this too is your decision. You may choose to charge more / less or offer discounts.
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