Traveling to Bali or Lombok soon? Check your insurance policy!

Traveling to Bali or Lombok soon? Check your insurance policy!

Travelling to Bali or Lombok soon? With the recent earthquake and the ongoing disruptions caused by Mount Agung erupting, it certainly pays to check your travel insurance. Some insurance providers will not cover for pre-existing events.

As you are no doubt aware, a severe earthquake struck Indonesia on the 5th August 2018. More specifically, the epicentre was located near the island of Lombok with some tremors also being felt in nearby Bali. Post-quake analysis has revealed that the island of Lombok has sustained severe and significant infrastructure damage with ongoing concerns over possible aftershocks for Lombok. Other areas have sustained only minor damage and/or disruption to services.
If you are intending to travel to Lombok or Bali, we recommend you check with your travel insurance provider before you make any new bookings or changes to your existing travel plans. Some providers may not provide cover in the case of another earthquake since it is a pre-existing event.
Here are some useful tips before you book your trip:
  • Check the Smart Traveller website for any warnings to your destination
  • Check with your Carbon insurance broker to confirm your travel insurance includes terrorism events
  • Travel insurance does not cover disinclination (change of mind or travel plans), so plan your trip carefully and stay up to date with travel warnings to your planned destinations
  • Think before you buy. Even if the destination does not have a travel warning, circumstances may arise to cause you concern. Discount airfares and accommodation deals will most likely have cancellations charges or no refund terms.
  • Research what emergency assistance/evacuation services you will have access to through your insurance policy. At Carbon, we only recommend travel insurance providers that implement a 24 hour, 7 day a week, worldwide emergency assistance at no additional cost to our clients.
Our insurance brokers here at Carbon wish you a safe and happy trip. If you need assistance with your travel insurance requirements, please get in touch!


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