Partner spotlight - Ryan Eastman

Partner spotlight - Ryan Eastman

Have you got the drive to start your own business? In our partner spotlight series, our finance director Ryan shares his journey of owning a finance company

Why did you choose the industry you’re in?

As I was growing up, my mum worked as a manager in finance and I used to spend my afternoons after school in the branch helping her staff count their tills at the end of the shift. Since then I’ve always wanted to be in finance.

What was your previous role? 

I’ve always worked in finance. Before partnering with Carbon, I owned a finance broking business with Jacob Reed before merging with Carbon. Before that I was a broker at a property investment firm.

Why did you want to go into business for yourself? 

My dad has always had his own business so it became something I’ve always wanted to do; the combination of a flexible lifestyle and having your own work-ethic directly tied to your bank account is a hard but rewarding way of life.

What have been the highlights of your time as a Carbon partner so far? 

Each year, Carbon hold a partner’s weekend away, which is always really fun. It’s great to know that the entire company and all the partners are collectively pulling in the same direction and we all have the same vision for the future of the company.
Carbon also host an annual bogan bingo fundraising event which is an awesome night, whilst also raising a substantial amount for charity. It's a great opportunity to socialise with the team of Carbonites over a game of beer pong. I'm yet to win a game!

What are you looking to achieve over the next few months? 

We have successfully grown Carbon’s finance division, particularly in the head office in Osborne Park. I’d like to bring on more brokers to have experts in all fields of finance, and have more of a presence in our other offices, including Ellenbrook, Roleystone, Melbourne and Adelaide.

What’s your ultimate business goal? 

To be able to provide a full suite of lending services to all clients and be the go-to finance company in Australia for lending. Since becoming a partner at Carbon, they have gone from being a Perth-based firm to having presence Australia wide, after launching in Melbourne and Adelaide. With the fast rate at which Carbon is growing, I believe my goal is achievable.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of going out on their own? 

If you think you have the knowledge and the passion to do it now, just do it - don’t wait for the perfect time, because there isn’t one.

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