Partner spotlight - Michelle Maynard

Partner spotlight - Michelle Maynard

Michelle Maynard partnered with Carbon in 2017. Learn why she decided to launch her own accounting practice and chose to have Carbon as part of her success story.

In our partner spotlight series, we ask our partner to share their journey to parthership stories and give us an insight into what it's like to run their own practice alongside Carbon.

In this edition, we speak with one of our accounting and bookkeeping partners; Michelle Maynard.

Why did you choose the industry you’re in?

Coming from a family of employees, I have always been in awe of business owners as I admire the risk they have taken to be where they are. Sacrificing the comfort of having a salary, superannuation and leave entitlements, all whilst still having mortgages to pay for and a family to look after. I saw these people as superheros and wanted to work alongside them and help them achieve their business goals.

What was your previous role?

I started my career as a cadet in the Australian Taxation Office, then as a graduate at PwC. I’ve worked in other medium tier accounting firms and have experienced many aspects of accounting including tax, SMSF and payroll. My most recent role before becoming a partner at Carbon Group was in a superannuation department, implementing a new online system to streamline internal processes. Having this range of experience put me in a great starting position

Why did you want to go into business for yourself?

Launching my own business meant that I’d be able to help other business owners whilst having the flexibility to spend time with my family. In my past employment, I’d been switched between departments after going back from maternity leave, which meant I’d left client-facing work. I missed seeing clients and being part of their success journey, so decided to take the leap and start my own accounting practice to give me better control over the work I do.

What have been the highlights of your time as a Carbon partner so far?

There has been so many! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many different businesses and business owners, both at Carbon and through the networking events I’ve attended. I learn something from everyone and it helps shape my service by engaging with my target market. Being asked to fly to Brisbane to speak in front of more than 100 women at a two-day women in business event has definitely been a highlight. I’ve had great success with the media; having my article printed on page three of the Your Money Section in The West, another article being the lead story on, and being interviewed twice on the local radio station 6PR have also been achievements that I’ve celebrated.

What are you looking to achieve over the next few months?

Being asked to fly to Brisbane to speak at their event made me think; “why can’t I organise an event like this here in Perth?” So I’m currently in the planning stages of organising an event aimed at women in business in Perth to share information and tips to improve their businesses. The seminar-style event will include not only accounting and bookkeeping tips, but also marketing advice and HR information from local agencies. Aside from this, I will continue helping business owners by providing proactive accounting advice.

What’s your ultimate business goal?

As mentioned previously, I’d experienced a role change in my past employment simply because I’d left to go on maternity leave. I felt at a disadvantage just because I’d started a family! My aim now is to create a business that services women and their families in business. I want to increase the percentage of successful female business owners and empower females to go out and chase their dreams of becoming business owners, knowing they have the support to do so. Of course, my goal is to do all this whilst still being able to spend quality time with family.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of going out on their own?

Don’t underestimate how hard it will be, but also don’t underestimate your ability to push through those challenges and achieve something amazing. Surround yourself with people who not only inspire but support you. I partnered with Carbon as they encompassed everything that I wanted my practice to be – innovative, approachable, technology driven and fun! I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from Carbon to make starting my own accounting practice possible. Have faith on your worst days that you will succeed and continuously remind yourself of your reason why.

Interested in starting your accounting practice? Our CPE program can fast-track your pathway to partnership. Find out more about becoming a partner with Carbon.

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