Marketing tips for your business

Marketing tips for your business

In a competitive industry such as accounting, effective marketing for your firm is key to stay in business. Accounting and bookkeeping can be a difficult subjects for small business clients to address, so marketing your accounting firm can be a tough sell.

In a competitive industry such as accounting, effective marketing for our firm has been key to ensure we stand out from our competitors.  These are a few important tips to ensure you are noticed and stay ahead of the competition.

While it may sound obvious, having a well set out marketing plan which includes goals, action steps and how to measure results is essential. The plan should include a schedule of your activities along with budgets to allocate resources. Having a well set out marketing plan ensures content is released in a structured and thought out manner, and ensures maximum return for each interaction with existing or potential clients.

We also heavily recommend networking as a marketing tool. There are plenty of opportunities to get your business noticed at a low cost by attending or hosting a networking event. Have a system for approaching networking events, for follow ups, or a way of offering your expertise to present or run a workshops. When networking, add contacts to LinkedIn as a way to stay in touch.

Another way to showcase your expertise is by publishing informative and interesting content online. With the shift to digital marketing, offering your expertise through marketing efforts on social media will broaden your brand reach and generate traffic to your business.

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