Carbon Group Presents: Becoming a Kick-Ass Speaker

Carbon Group Presents: Becoming a Kick-Ass Speaker

Carbon Group Presents: Becoming a Kick-Ass Speaker

Join us as we host Carbon Group's quarterly networking event 'Becoming a Kick-Ass Speaker' on Tuesday, February 26.

Join us as we host Carbon Group's quarterly networking event 'Becoming a Kick-Ass Speaker' on Tuesday, February 26.

Effective communication is vital for all businesses. The ability to clearly get your point across could be the difference between sealing the deal or missing out on a potential client, retaining or losing your top talent, or landing a speaking opportunity that puts your business in the spotlight. But so many of us have a fear of public speaking or struggle to get our point across!

At our quarterly networking event, we're joined by three awesome speakers who will share their tips on public speaking, pitching during client meetings, and effective internal communication with your team
  • Date: Tuesday, February 26
  • Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Venue: Ninth and Merchant, 882 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052

Shil Shanghavi, TEDx Speaker Coach, TEDxATOPerth Speaker

Shil specialises in the fear of public speaking, working with clients to manage their fear and transforming them into confident speakers. Having felt this fear himself, it holds a special personal significance. His experience of living with a lifelong stutter is part of the reason he has dedicated his career to helping others overcome the anxiety he once struggled with.

With a diverse employment history in retail, fast moving consumer goods and corporate sectors that have required their fair share of nerve-racking presentations and speaking obligations, he knows exactly how to harness the fear by using an array of techniques to develop confidence and ensure the delivery of a compelling performance.

David Julian Price, The Master of Meetings

David Julian Price has been presenting to audiences all over the world for over 30 years.
He specialises in increasing productivity by tackling the most hated activity in every workplace - meetings bloody meetings!

He also shows people how to increase their impact in meetings and anywhere, like networking events, by having a strong and memorable pitch.

David will discuss:
  • Types of pitch
  • Traps to avoid when pitching
  • Tips to make your pitch the best they've ever heard

Kelly Allison, Founder, Complete HR

Kelly is an experienced HR professional, with strong experience of working as a consultant with variety of business and industries including early education, sport, medical research and building and construction.
She has first-hand experience of the challenge’s businesses face to engage and inspire their people to perform at high standards and believes the number one challenge for all businesses is team disengagement. In this ever-competitive world, with people always searching for ‘greener pastures’ means it is hard to retain and keep our top talent.

With employee engagement being the focus, Kelly supports professionals to become true leaders who can inspire change to get the most amount of buy in from their people and attract and retain best talent.
Kelly will be talking about how motivating your team shouldn’t take a whole heap of energy where you must come up with all the ideas on how to keep their performance levels up.

She will discuss the simple strategies to get the best out of your people where they feel engaged and best of all, how they will champion achieving their goals and performance.

Attendees will be provided with one drink token. Additional drinks may be purchased at the bar. Light snacks will be provided.

Attended by up to 100 business professionals, Carbon Group's quarterly networking events are fun, relaxed and highly valuable for business development. So get your tickets fast before they all sell out! 100% of ticket sales will be donated to charity.

Please note: No refunds will be issued



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