Craptastic Trivia - when not even Google could help you out!

Craptastic Trivia - when not even Google could help you out!

There was nothing crap about last week’s Craptastic Trivia fundraising night! Read on to hear how much our Craptastic guests helped us to raise at our annual fundraising event.

There was nothing crap about last week’s Craptasic Trivia fundraising night!

Last Friday was our fifth annual fundraising event and we switched things up from our usual Bogan Bingo night to Craptastic Trivia; a traditional quiz night turned on its head!
Questions were open ended, with no right or wrong answer, and working in team of 8, our guests had to use their creativity and wit to conjure up unique and funny responses. Teams won points, as judged by the two presenters, for the most original and humorous responses!
As with all our fundraising events, 100% of proceeds from the night were donated to charity, with Carbon covering the costs.
We are proud to announce that with the help of all our guests, we raised a huge $4,808.63!
This year, our charity of choice is Hootstoke; a team of 10 business owners and entrepreneurs who have joined forces with Classroom of Hope, with the intention to build a minimum of one new school in remote communities in South East Asia per year.
A massive thank you to our clients who generously donated gifts for our raffle:

Want to know a little more about Classroom of Hope?

Classroom of Hope (COH) is a for-purpose organisation helping children unleash their potential through life-changing education. They provide access to quality education to children in the developing world by building new schools, upgrading existing infrastructure and providing scholarships to those in need.
If you couldn’t make our Craptastic Trivia evening but would like to support our cause, please head over to the Classroom of Hope’s donation page. We appreciate your generosity!

See our photos from the night!

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