Highlights from our quarterly networking event - Cost savings for businesses

Highlights from our quarterly networking event - Cost savings for businesses

Last night, we were joined by over 50 of Perth’s business professionals at our quarterly networking event themed cost savings for businesses. Guest speakers from NAB, Vista Energy and ACORPP their money-saving tips that businesses can easily implement or consider.

Last night, we were joined by over 50 of Perth’s business professionals at our quarterly networking event themed cost savings for businesses, held at the Telethon Speech & Hearing Auditorium. All ticket sales and proceeds from the bar are being donated to Classroom of Hope’s Cambodia Project.
Guest speakers shared their tips on effective ways that business owners can cut costs; perfect timing with June 30 just around the corner.

First up was Gemma Lawson, Senior Specialised Banking Manager at NAB. Gemma shared with us the ways that business owners can simplify administration tasks, and gave us an insight into the way NAB is enhancing its partnership with Xero to make managing everyday business banking better and more streamlined.
Gemma’s tips on ways to simplify business admin included:
  • Extra processing – are the same processes performed at multiple sites for one notice? Is there an application that could remove the need for repeating the process across multiple sites?
  • Motion – are you wasting time travelling to meetings which could take place over the phone? Are you travelling between sites or departments unnecessarily? All this wasted time results in time away from being productive.
  • Non-utilised talents – do you have individuals not maximising their potential? Or stuck doing mundane non-value add work which is taking them away from productivity? Consider applications which may remove many manual tasks such as data entry.
  • Waiting – any non-work time waiting for information, supplies or equipment. Hours are wasted waiting for paper request forms, for example, which causes delays in decisions being made and actions being authorised.
Gemma then introduced the upcoming enhancements being made to NAB’s partnership with online accounting platform Xero.
  • Integrated payments and payment matching – as a NAB/Xero customer creates a bill record in Xero, they will be able to create a payment from their NAB bank account
  • Invoice matching – directly link receivables to an invoice previously entered into Xero
  • Working capital dashboard – consolidated view from Xero-linked accounts showing today’s balance and, if sufficiently reconciled, forward balance to match the customer’s planning cycle
Heath Sikkema, Business Development Manager, Vista Energy, then took to the stage, and made guests stop to think about the rising cost of energy and what we can do to reduce this unavoidable overhead. Energy costs are continuously rising, squeezing margins and putting pressure on profits. Thankfully, there are new technologies that reduce both energy and maintenance costs. Heath and his team conduct audits of businesses and recommend which technologies they can implement to assist in reducing costs, including:
  • LED lighting
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Solar power
  • Smart controls
With Vista Energy’s help, business owners are able to beat rising energy prices, cut maintenance costs, reduce downtime and lower their carbon footprint. Vista then shares in the savings generated from these efficiencies meaning a zero cost outcome for their customers.
Justin Boelen, Director, ACORPP was our final presenter who shared an overview of the commercial rental market, highlighting that if we haven’t renegotiated our office/industrial lease in the last three years, we’re probably paying above market rates. Justin advised business owner to look beyond the obvious costs when it comes to renting commercial property, including charges on electricity, parking levies, redevelopment clauses and window treatments. All of these have implications on cost and should be considered when reviewing the cost of rent.

Our next networking event will be held in August. Keep an eye on our media and resources page for details on speakers and registration information. These networking evenings are one of many events that Carbon host throughout the year. Next in the events calendar is our annual Bogan Bingo night on Friday 15th June.

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