Blake Horner Visits Carbon Group to talk about stress in the workplace

How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Workplace stress is common. It’s a natural bodily response that is healthy at certain levels and something that most of us would have experienced at some point in our lives. It helps us meet deadlines, it pumps blood around the body and small amounts can make us more resilient to future stressful situations. Stress becomes a problem when increased levels make it unmanageable. Tight deadlines, busy schedules and long hours are just some of the causes of stress in the workplace.

Last week, Carbon’s client Dr. Blake Horner visited to give staff a talk on stress in the workplace. Blake is part of the Wellness Champions organisation; a group of doctors and health practitioners who are committed to teaching wellness in the workplace. The organisation aims to educate companies to help create healthier environments, by initiating a shift in the mindset from passive to active in regards to health. Blake described some easy and simple adjustments we can all apply to our lifestyle that can assist in reducing stress levels.

Here are his top five tips for improving health, particularly when working in an office environment:

Take phone calls standing up

Not only will this improve your posture, but many professionals feel more confident in the standing position.

Get active!

Use your lunch time wisely and go for a 30 minute walk. Your eyes will appreciate the shift in gaze from your computer screen.

Ensure your lunch contains adequate nutrition

Limit the sugar levels and increase the healthy fats, such as avocado, olive oil or nuts.

Avoid stomach sleeping

Sleeping on your back ensures you maintain the natural curves of your neck and spine, whilst sleeping on your stomach flattens out this curve which can lead to neck pain.

Join a support system, such as a mothers’ group or local community group

Having strong social connections with family, friends and the wider community are an essential ingredient of a productive and fulfilling life.

Applying these simple adjustments can work wonders for your long-term health, as well as increasing productivity levels at work. Visit the Wellness Champions website for further details on the project, or visit the Nervana Chiropractors website if you would like Blake to provide a health consultation for your workplace.
Blake Horner is a third-generation chiropractor from a family of 18 chiropractors. Working from the Nervana Chiropractic clinic in Applecross, Blake and his team work with their patients to optimise nerve and spinal function as a way to achieve health goals.

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