Managing our finances is a time-consuming task which is often pushed to the bottom of our priority list. The fact that it can often be quite daunting doesn’t help its spot on our to-do lists! Carbon Wealth Management has partnered with MyProsperity to help solve this problem for you and make managing your finances easier than ever before.

MyProsperity helps you take control of your finances with its all-in-one app. Load in your bank accounts, properties and superannuation to get a full view of your financial world, and from there becomes much easier to manage.

How can MyProsperity help?

Live updates of your finances

With a live view of your finances you’ll be able to keep track of everything you own and owe

Keep on track to reach your goals

Track your progress quickly to find out how close you are to buying a home or your savings goal.

Access Carbon Wealth easier

Connect with your Carbon financial planner easily!

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MyProsperity offers a wide range of benefits for users, find out more here.

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