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Yellow Bee Games

43.5% return on expenditure for this Perth-based video game development studio


About Yellow Bee Games

Yellow Bee Games is a video game development studio aimed at developing and releasing high quality, interactive gaming experiences across a variety of platforms, including PCs and gaming consoles.

The company was founded in Perth in 2009 and has since released a string of games with various commercial success, while always learning as it progresses and ensuring the next game is bigger and better than those before it.

The project

Interstellar Primeload is the latest and most ambitious game released by Yellow Bee. The game is a 3D, synchronous, turn-based strategy game set in the Interstellar universe. In the game, players take command of the Mercurial Fleet in defense of the Eight Colonies during the First Mylar War. The player will experience leading many different types of ships in an immersive, tactical game. Every decision counts at all times and strategy is vital. It’s a fun and engaging title that’s been receiving extremely positive reviews since its release on three platforms; Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
There were a lot of unknown elements involved in this game development and, as such, Yellow Bee could see that the R&D tax incentive would be perfect for them to register for in order to access the tax refund.

Carbon R&D

After having a chat with Maitreya Speering from Carbon Group, Yellow Bee identified that there were several components of the game’s development that may qualify for the R&D tax incentive and, therefore, earn the company a cash refund.
After preparing the project description addressing the criteria required to be an eligible R&D project and assessing the relevant costs incurred throughout the financial year, the total claim came to $157,747 in R&D expenditure.

Given the company had sufficient carry forward tax losses, this resulted in a $68,619.95 cash refund to the company (43.5% of the expenditure identified). 

Key results:

  • 43.5% cash back on expenditure ($68, 619.95)
  • Additional funds enabled Yellow Bee Games to hire a new staff member
  • Yellow Bee then had the funds to develop their next video game
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