Led by Managing Director, Ray Backhouse, Myriad Financial offers expert financial, tax and lending services. The team at Myriad Financial share Carbon’s ‘client-first’ approach and passion for sourcing the best solutions for each client.  

“Our focus at Myriad Financial has long been on how we can best help our clients, whether they needed tax advice, financial planning strategies or a finance broker to help them achieve their goals. The team at Carbon share this focus, so we are excited to collaborate while continuing to provide high quality service,” said Ray. 

By partnering with Carbon, their clients will benefit from the additional services that Carbon offers. This means, in addition to the financial planning, tax and lending services that they have previously been able to tap into, they now have access to the full suite of Carbon’s services. 

“We are certain that our clients will benefit from the introduction of Carbon’s additional services, and this will result in us being able to add more value to the service we provide,” said Ray. 

For Carbon Co-Founder, Jamie Davison, welcoming the team to the Carbon network is an exciting time. 

“Our goal at Carbon is to bring together the core services that business owners need, as well as a team of Carbonites who share our client’s passion for seeing their business grow. The team at Myriad Financial are the perfect fit for Carbon, and I’m looking forward to working closely with each of them,” said Jamie. 

The partnership between Myriad Financial and Carbon will see the Myriad Financial team relocate from Wembley to our growing hub in Osborne Park 

Partnering with Carbon presents an opportunity for accounting and financial services practitioners who are eager to add value to their clients and grow their business. If you’re interested in exploring a partnership with Carbon, all you need to do is get in touch to get started.