Residential and Commercial Property Lending

At Carbon Finance, we love all things property and we love property investment. We know how important it is to set up the structure of property finance so that it works in your best interests for now and in the future.

With the new and rapidly changing governmental rules surrounding property investment finance, it is imperative that you receive sound and considered mortgage advice. Meet us now to start your investment journey!

Residential Property Lending

First Home Buyers

Looking to buy of build your first home? Have no idea where to begin or what you'll need? Don't worry, at Carbon Finance we specialise in the first home buyer segment and know how to assist you using simple and easy to understand language, not industry jargon!


Decided that it's time to sell and buy something new but not sure of the costs involved or if you can afford it? Most people are unaware of all the costs and rules involved in financing a new home. Speak to Carbon and we'll take you through the whole process - we'll work out how much you can borrow, go through all the selling and purchasing costs with you, provide you with the best lender options and show you how much your new mortgage repayments will be.


Want to change lenders or change the type of mortgage you have? These days it is common for people to change their mortgages over on a regular basis. This can cost a lot of money however if you do not know what you are doing. Carbon can help you decide on the best option for you and keep costs down. Call us to get started!

Debt Consolidation

Quite often we find that people are paying an even bigger percentage of their income to smaller high interest debts - such as credit cards, personal loans or store cards - than they do on their mortgage. These debts can result in financial stress and have a serious negative impact on family life. Contact Carbon to discuss your current financial commitments and we will see if rolling all your debt into one with your mortgage can relieve this burden.

Home Loan Health Checks

Unsure if you're paying too much with your current lender? A free home loan health check is a smart and simple way to ensure you are getting the best value for your mortgage dollar. We can look at all aspects of your existing mortgage to see how it stacks up against anything else out there in the market. Get in touch with Carbon; we'll go through your finances to see if you can get a better deal.

Construction Loans

Financing is build is not the same as other mortgage finance. There are different rules that govern how much can be borrowed against land versus an established home as well as considerations to be made in financing drawdowns. Carbon can explain the complexities of construction finance and if you are a first home buyer, we will go through all the limits in place to access any governmental benefits you may be entitled to.



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