What cloud applications can i use to assist my business in the run up to the EOFY? Call Carbon Group for more information.

Cloud Applications to Assist Businesses in the Run up to EOFY

As we are coming to the end of the financial year, there isn’t a better time to start looking at revamping your business processes and implementing some awesome cloud-based applications to streamline operations. What is a cloud application? Put simply, a cloud application is a piece of software that is hosted online rather than desktop based. It allows the user to login and access the account from any device, in any location providing there is an internet connection.

What Cloud Applications Can My Business Use?

Depending on which industry your business operates in there are a range of online applications that can benefit you, however these all revolve around your accounting package. The accounting package is central to your business. After all, it’s where the financial data is kept and reported on. Do you know your current profit and loss? How many invoices have you sent out this month? How are you tracking month-to-month? Year-to-year? With the move to cloud accounting packages, this data can be viewed on a daily basis, all accessible anywhere, anytime. There hasn’t been a better time to move onto Xero. In fact, Xero has just cracked the 1 million subscribers milestone!

Once you have Xero in place, we can look at the interesting stuff. Are you in the tradie industry? Let’s look at ServiceM8 for those start-ups business to get the ball rolling and the money coming in. Already established and looking to ramp things up and grow, let’s look at Ascora – the job management system that suits small to large businesses. These apps are all designed to minimise required administration time, and speed up the invoicing time frame which equals more money coming into the bank. By implementing a job management systems, business frequently see an increase in the number of jobs completed per week by anywhere between 2-10, sometimes more. This throughout the year can equal a massive increase in revenue.

Perhaps you’re operating in the retail or hospitality industries. For these, we have selected Vend and Kounta respectively to offer the best possible solution to business owners. These both offer an awesome feature set for taking your business to the next level and embracing cloud based technologies.

There really isn’t a better time to look at bringing in these new technologies. By starting now, you will be fully up and running prior to EOFY, to truly gauge the increase in efficiencies throughout an entire year! If cloud applications sound like the way forward for your business, contact Carbon Business Systems today for a complimentary discussion on how they can change your business.

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