KeepSpace wanted to do something different that gave them a competitive advantage by focusing on software and smarter technological solutions. They wanted to develop a picking mobile app that could be used by anyone in their team, streamlining and improving their operations. After conducting their own research, the results they found were cost prohibited and not commercial for them. Instead, they decided to develop the software in-house and after speaking to our R&D and Grants experts, it became clear that their project was eligible for the R&D tax incentive.

  • KeepSpace are different to standard 3PL services because most others solely focus on having a warehouse location and use a standard off-the-shelf software to manage orders.
  • They have been unsuccessful in raising outside capital in the past.
  • Wanted to set KeepSpace apart from its competitors by building a business model that wasn’t dependent on volume and could be accessed by micro-businesses.
  • This meant KeepSpace had to come up with innovative ways of designing their systems and processes so they could save on costs.
  • The project required a lot of research so key elements could be identified.
  • The technical risk was knowing whether their imagined product would be the best choice for them, and that was something that couldn’t be determined until after the project was finished and in practice.
  • The R&D tax refund allowed KeepSpace to benefit from a cash fund annually.
  • With the help of our R&D experts, KeepSpace received a nice boost of about two weeks’ worth of revenue.
  • The refund allowed them the flexibility to continue to choose their projects and where to invest wisely.
  • With the R&D refund, it gave KeepSpace the confidence to continue with their experimental projects and to know that it was okay if they got it wrong.
  • The funding was used on equipment that was needed for experiments and overheads.
  • Carbon R&D and Grants have been able to help KeepSpace access the R&D tax incentive multiple times and with a business that is constantly running experimental projects, the possibilities are endless.
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If you’re personally someone yourself who thinks long term,
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