Carbon Bookkeeping welcomes Sinead French-Bluhm as Partner

Carbon Bookkeeping Welcomes Sinead French-Bluhm as Partner

Exciting news for Carbon Bookkeeping! Our client manager, Sinead French-Bluhm, has become a partner.

Sinead started her journey with Carbon three years ago, when she was co-founder Jamie’s first employee at Fortuna Bravado Bookkeeping (which became Carbon). Unsure whether there would be enough work for her, Jamie initially employed Sinead on a casual basis; but work soon came flooding in and she has worked full time since.

Carbon offers all employees the opportunity of a career path and encourage them to play an active role in the future of the business. After two years, providing certain KPIs are met, staff are encouraged and given the opportunity to become part owners in the business.

Since July this year, Carbon Bookkeeping has gone from having just one partner to four, after successful mergers with bookkeeping firms in Balcatta and Melbourne. They were recently awarded Boutique Firm of the Year at the National Australian Accounting Awards.

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