A fully featured cloud-based
practice management software.


“I work in an area where personalised care is critically important. The unique features of Clinic to Cloud make it a lot easier to look after the personal detail of my patients’ care in a professional manner”

Clinic to Cloud is used by more than 1,700 healthcare professionals across Australia. It is cloud-based practice management software designed to increase practice and clinical efficiency and provide the best patient care and experience.

  • Smart Scheduling Schedule patients, produce documents, script writing, billing and claiming, and reporting
  • Patient App Register as a patient to make appointments, review fees, see letters, complete checklists and link photos
  • Doctor App View patient demographics, manage letters, search patients, and access scheduler view
  • Software as a Service (SAAS) Cost effective and easy to deploy for any size organisation without compromising any features
  • Xero Integration


As we enter a world of virtual care, Clinic to Cloud as a true cloud-based electronic medical records system, is perfectly positioned to help shape the outpatient clinic. Clinic to Cloud offers a patient portal that is enabled with remote care, medication and treatment adherence options, as well as being a full featured system that offers the clinic of any size a complete suite of practice management and clinical tools. Clinic To Cloud is a true SaaS application within Microsoft Azure offering state of the art security and scalability. Clinic To Cloud is focused on mobility, analytics and continued innovation.


A doctor like any other professional should have visibility over their business whenever they wish from any internet enabled device. Mobility is an important tool in business, especially healthcare, Clinic to Cloud allows doctors the ability to access practice data anywhere and anytime from any internet enabled device, allowing them to not only provide a higher level of care but also provide it without the need for complex software and remote connection solutions. Clinic to Cloud puts the practice in the palm of the hand giving time poor medical practitioners the ability to take control over their practice and data in ways not previously possible before.

Your clinical consult on one easy to use interface

Have the information you need right on hand with Clinic to Cloud clinical tools

Once information is populated on a patient's initial visit, medical specialists and clinicians can easily access what they need for every consult. Customise your screen to display the information that's most important to you ― from patient history and billing information, to test results and pre-populated forms.

Clinic to Cloud also allows specialists to automate sets of data and pre-fill relevant parts of the application - no more searching, scrolling or wasting time you could better spend with your patients.


Specialist practitioners can now link MIMS to individual patient files via Clinic to Cloud ― ensuring that drugs are prescribed in a fast, clinically safe manner, and cross-referenced with patient allergies and drug histories.

Standard, streamlined and authority drugs can all be prescribed from the Clinic to Cloud interface, by linking directly to your MIMS practitioner account.

Patients can’t always provide us with the full story before a medication is prescribed. Reduce the risk of unanticipated allergic reactions or drug interactions with Clinic to Cloud’s automatic cross-referencing functionality, which will raise any red flags before they become an issue.

Pathology and imaging requests & results

Request pathology and imaging tests with a simple click. Clinic to Cloud lets clinicians bookmark and pre-fill frequently used forms ― saving you time in your consult.

Test results can also be viewed and shared with patients straight from your screen ― without the need for photocopies, faxes or post. Thorough Clinic to Cloud’s secure Patient Portal, your patients can access their past tests and imaging results at any time to share with other doctors and members of their healthcare team. They can even upload the results of previous tests to their personal health record for you to view.

Access complete patient history

Through Clinic to Cloud’s customisable user interface, specialists are able to see a patient’s entire medical history, all from the one screen. Set this as the first screen to load during a clinical consult and better inform your clinical decision making.

With the ability to conduct filtered searches, create ‘favourites’ for frequently used forms and generate pre-filled data sets with the click of a button, you’ll spend less time on administration and more time focusing on your patients.

Mobile Access - Clinic to Cloud on the go

Using cloud-based technology, you'll have mobile access to medical data from any location, any time you need it.

No special equipment is required ― authorised users can login securely from any web-enabled device ― including iPhone, Android, laptop or tablet. Now you have the freedom to take your practice anywhere you go.

Clinic to Cloud's mobile access allows you to not only provide a higher level of care but also provide it without the need for complex software and remote connection solutions.

Patient Fees Management - Full Fee Control

In private practice, not all doctors choose to bulk bill or charge the same fees. In large clinics with multiple practitioners, this can make fee management confusing for staff and patients alike.

Clinic to Cloud simplifies patient fee management by giving doctors full control of their billing. From the one screen patient fees are automatically integrated with Government concessions, Medicare bulk billing, DVA, Workers Compensation, other government and non government fee schedules, AMA and Eclipse (Known Gap and No Gap) for easier billing and financial reporting.

In a multi-practitioner practice you can set specific fees for the item numbers that may vary with the age and experience of the clinician, ensuring your staff are billing patients as intended.

Capture patient data easily

Connect online with Clinic To Cloud’s Patient Portal; it’s 100% secure for patients, specialists and clinical administrators to use no matter where they may be.

Via desktop or mobile, patients can now access their personal medical records, appointment schedule and important documents such as referrals, pathology and imaging results.

Your patients can begin using these tools before they even visit your clinic allowing users to register their own account, manage their own appointments and upload files and contact information without the need for time consuming paperwork once they arrive.


Modernise your practice and take advantage of all the benefits of cloud technology with Clinic to Cloud's mobile app for practice management. Our suite of fully integrated mobile apps are capable of doing everything you'd expect from standard desktop software and more.

  • Create appointments on your calendar
  • Access and consult in a patient EMR Order scripts, pathology and imaging requests
  • Dictate letter and referrals using our purpose-built voice recognition technology Communicate with patients via the secure Patient Portal
  • Create e-tasks for support staff
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