3 basic steps to thwart hackers.

I’m only a young man of 25 so I’ve grown up with computers, they just make sense to me. All this adds up to is that I know a little more than most, but it unfortunately has landed me as “the computer guy” at many points of my career. Which is fine, I had no idea what I was doing but no one  really cared, until hackers get involved. I used to think hackers were super cool like in the 1995 smash hit, Hackers, starring Angelina Jolie. Let me tell you, they aren’t cool at all.

I also mostly thought they were more an Urban Legend than anything, “who actually gets hacked?” I would foolishly say. Well, A Café chain I worked for did. All the time. The first was when all of our dropbox files were hijacked. We had to pay a ransom to get them back. Cost us a fortune. Another was before a large scale nude swimming event (you may have heard of it). I was in the office until midnight as the hackers were getting into our mailer by somehow slipping a line of code into every file on our server. SO we couldn’t talk to everyone coming to the event THE VERY NEXT DAY. Bad day to be the “computer guy”. How did


Can you guess what fixed a majority of these intrusions?

  1. Secure Passwords!

I know it seems obvious but so many people just pick something easy to remember. Pass1234, is no good. What worked for me was simply using 1337 speak. (leet speak). A late 90’s, early 2000’s artefact where you simply replace letters with numbers and punctuation. Carbon becomes C@580%, system becomes $y$73M. This way you can have an easy to remember password that isn’t easy to hack.


  1. Go Cloud Based

We swapped from the mailer on our server (easily hackable) to mailchimp (a massive corporation whos reputation is based on being unhackable). Let another company keep their systems up to date and bullet proof. I always hear people say, “ooo I dinnae want the cloud, it’s too unsafe on the internet”. Nope. Software such as Xero uses the same security as banks, so it’s as safe as your money in the bank. What isn’t safe is a home office computer which I can physically pick up, take away and have a leisurely stroll through your files. Oh there’s passwords on your computer? Yeah I don’t know much and even I can get amongst it with relative ease. This is a guy who got an eye injury from missing his mouth whilst eating yogurt.


  1. Cyber insurance

Given my past misfortunes you can see why I was so excited by the prospect of offering cyber insurance. Let’s run through the scenarios with and without cyber.

Without: Oh no I’ve been hacked, say goodbye to a lot of time and money and possibly never fully recover.

With: Tools down everyone we’re covered. All losses will be covered as will the cost of fixing this so we can relax. Great excuse for a spontaneous company outing.

Imagine all those who were affected by the Ashley Madison hacking, now imagine if they had Cyber Insurance.

Yep. Get yourself cyber insurance.

I just wish I had’ve known about Cyber insurance earlier, life’s a little easier when you can make it someone else’s problem.

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Joel Blakeley

Carbon Group Small Business Helper

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