Carbon Group Cloud Integrators recommend Wink Reports for cloud-based reporting software

Cloud Based Reporting Apps to Assist My Business

With cloud based apps, we have at our fingertips access to live up-to-date data. Whilst this is a massive benefit, we also need ways to view the data. Especially when we start having multiple sources of data. Imagine a business that uses Xero for their accounting, Vend for their point-of-sale, and Deputy for their rostering. Alone, each of these apps are incredibly valuable tools, giving you access to real data anywhere in the world. But you’re required to log into each app independently to view data. This is where reporting comes in. With cloud based technologies, almost all have what’s called an API (Application Programing Interface). This is a way that a program is designed to allow different application to connect and extract data. A reporting tool connects these data sources together to allow a single place to view all your data.

Wink Reports

Wink Reports is a certified Xero add-on partner dedicated to providing a reporting solution out of the box with minimal set up time. Previously a time consuming manual process that relied on multiple people cross-checking for errors, cloud based reporting such as Wink has made this a thing of the past.
This data can be displayed in a multitude of ways, in varying dashboard and graphs that are completely customizable and simple to view. A large range of programs can be integrated with Wink Reports, such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Xero and Vend.

Why Use Cloud Based Reporting?
• Simple and affordable to set-up
• Access reports on any device, in any location, at any time
• Link with an extensive suite of online applications for comprehensive reporting in one place
• Real-time reporting making accurate business decisions a breeze
• Secure and easy to use

Sound like your business can benefit from using online reporting software? Contact our team of cloud integrators at Carbon Business Systems for a complimentary chat on how we can take your business to the next level with online applications. Call us on (08) 9446 8588.

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