Three Reasons to Evaluate Your Insurance Policy

It’s no surprise that SME’s change rapidly as they grow, whether it’s hiring staff, needing a bigger office, or purchasing new equipment. The thing many Business Owners loose track of during this time of change, is how adjustments to their business may impact their insurance needs.

Just like every small business re-evaluates their strategy for growth to accommodate an ever-fluctuating market-place and consumer buying habits, so too should they continually review their insurance policy.

To help you know what to watch out for, here are three common changes your business will experience that may necessitate a need to change your insurance.

Employing Staff. As a business grows, so does the need to employ people to help you get the job done. It doesn’t matter if you are operating as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust, it is mandatory for any business that employs staff in WA to have a Workers Compensation policy in place to comply with the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

Purchasing Machinery or Equipment. Businesses purchase new equipment and machinery for many reasons and rely upon them to keep the business running. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence that Business Owners don’t alert their Insurance Broker about the purchase of new equipment which can leave them under insured following a claim. (In addition, insurance companies often include an “Under-Insurance Clause” which further reduces the settlement)

Moving Office. As cool as it is to move into a bigger and better office, part of the moving is being buried with paperwork. In-between the contracts, legal requirements and business documents, it’s easy to overlook your insurance policy. When moving it’s important to leave yourself a little extra time to consider if the move has changed your risk profile and update your policy accordingly.

The bottom line: As a Business Owner you need to reassess your policy options to see if the choices you’ve made in the past still make sense under the new business conditions. Before you break out in hives at the thought, remember, Carbon Insurance is always here to help. Contact us for a confidential chat 08 6444 6645.

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