Use online rostering apps such as Deputy with cloud based accounting software Xero to streamline payroll. Carbon Group Perth

How Can I Use Rostering Apps To Streamline Payroll?

Spending too much time getting manual timesheets and punch cards into your payroll system? Sick of getting scanned pieces of paper with a messy scrawl that’s nearly impossible to read? Fear not, there is a way to make your life easier! More and more cloud-based applications are being developed to assist with these everyday problems that bookkeepers and payroll officers are having.

To put things into perspective, imaging that it takes on average five minutes to input one person’s timesheets into the likes of Xero’s payroll feature. 10 staff = 50 minutes. Assuming you process pay weekly, that is a total of 2600 minutes a year, or a little over 43 hours. That’s if there are no errors, and if the timesheets are relatively straightforward.

But what if the award your staff are on, isn’t so straightforward?
• What if for every staff member who exceeds 40 hours they are entitled to 1.5x overtime?
• Penalty rates for Saturdays (1.25x) and Sundays (2x)
• What if they work past 7pm, it’s 1.25x

Suddenly what was a seemingly simple task of putting hours into the payroll package, just got a whole lot harder. This could mean each person’s timesheet takes closer to 10 or 15 minutes each. Taking the average of 12.5 here and for 10 staff, this bumps up the required time to 125 minutes to input. That equals 6500 minutes a year. That’s a crazy 108 hours of manually inputting hours into the payroll package.

Now imagine that a prebuilt application if readily available, and can automate all of this for you:
• Staff simply need to clock in and out at their correct times on a shared device, or their own if required
• These timesheets entries are all electronic now, and once completed get sent to the manager to approve. This can be easily done the next morning, or at the end of the week if needed
• Once approved, the payroll officer now only needs to export the timesheets into an online accounting program such as Xero, and process, and your staff are ready to get paid

What could take between an hour or two per week, can be dropped down to a mere 15 minutes for all your staff. Think about the time saved and what this could mean for your business. Reduced administration time (remember time spent doing administration work, is less time that can be spent bringing in more money for the business). Some businesses find their payroll officer can double as their internal accounts as they have more than enough time now, or alternatively simply outsource this to a payroll company saving the business money and time. Less headaches that you as a business owner needs to worry about.

The best application available right now to be able to provide your business with these benefits is Deputy. Deputy was actually built by an entrepreneur in Australia, as he had massive growth in his business back in 2000, and was struggling to manage his team. As the business grew, there was less time to manage staff, and he needed something to reduce his administration workload as he could no longer grow his business. And Deputy was born! The owner’s business over the next eight years grew to more than 1,500 people.

Deputy is built for the small business owner, but is designed to grow with your business and help you succeed. What’s great is that it can be integrated into your online accounting software Xero, streamlining processes even further.

If you want to try out this awesome application get in touch, so we can discuss.

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