Spending Too Much Time On The Admin Side Of Your Business?

Introducing ServiceM8

ServiceM8 (Service Mate) is a cloud-based application that allows you to easily manage a services business conveniently from a mobile application.

ServiceM8 is designed with simplicity in mind and your system can be access from anywhere at any time.

With ServiceM8, mobile jobs can be efficient, productive and managed on the go. iOS applications are available for iPads and iPhones alike and are linked to the web interface. This allows managers to assign jobs to employees and manage their workflow from the office or on the go.

Mapping and navigational features within ServiceM8 makes your jobs even easier as you or your employees can use ServiceM8 to navigate to assigned jobs with the built-in mapping application on the iPad linked to ServiceM8. Use the GPS features to track your employees and know where your workforce are throughout the working day.

Key ServiceM8 Features:

  • Time Tracking – Labour

Track the time spent on a job and assign it as labour to an invoice issued to the customer. Employees can even start a timer from within the ServiceM8 application on their mobile device. Once the timer is stopped, the recorded hours is allocated as labour to an invoice.

  • Parts & Materials

Enter or import all your current price list for your parts and materials. Once your data is in the system you can simply add the relevant parts to a job, quote or invoice. Bulk update your prices whenever your supplier updates their prices through file import.

  • Customers

Add all your existing customers into the system in one bulk import, or simply add new customers on the mobile device whilst out in the field commencing a new job. Integrate with an accounting system such as Xero and your contact lists will update in both systems. Keep everything up to date in real time.

  • Forms

Design forms on ServiceM8 and access them on your mobile device to capture information for JSA’s and regulatory documentations. Attach photos and notes to your forms and email the forms through to your customers in a professional format. All forms will be recorded within the specific job.

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