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Social Marketing 101 When You’re At Networking Functions

We’ve all been there, we’re at a networking event and someone starts talking about Instagram, then, everyone starts talking about their social media dos and don’ts and all of a sudden you’re not sure what’s what anymore. Don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about how to use social media to your advantage when you’re at networking functions.

Think ahead – remember why you’re going to this event and what you want to say about your involvement. Also think about what sort of image you want to post so when the opportunity to take the photo arises you’re ready!
Write a draft – this goes for your caption. Be sharp and smart with your caption so keep it no longer than two sentences. If your caption is looking long then break up the text with an emoji before you start writing your hashtags.
Hashtags – You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. Hashtags should be relevant to your post and the event so focus on things like your location, the venue and attendees. To maximise your engagement and exposure. You can Google popular hashtags for your type of post prior to posting to get a list of relevant tags that will give you good exposure and engagement.
Take the shot – be mindful of things like angles and lighting and to clean your camera first to make sure your pics are as sharp as possible!
Filter – when editing your image it’s easy to get carried away with filters and things. Filters are there to enhance your photo, they won’t be able to fix things like bad lighting or a blurry pic so keep your filters bright and sharp.
Crop – don’t leave too much empty space around your picture. Find your focus point and centralise it, a great tip is to always shoot your images in landscape so you can crop them better.
Post it! – Be mindful of when you’re posting because different times of the day will give you different exposure and engagement. If you have planned well enough and have the draft caption saved you should be alright to post quite quickly, if it’s late at night hold off until the next morning when people are awake and ready to engage with your post!

Written by Alyka
Alyka is a world class digital marketing agency. The company was established by directors Bernard Chia and Zion Ong in 2008 as a one-stop shop for complex web and digital marketing services. Alyka’s mission to innovate, and to act intelligently and with integrity in all it does, underpins a successful West Australian business.

A 2014 Telstra Medium Business Awards finalist, Alyka was also recognised in the 2013 Rising Stars Awards, is a former BRW Fast Starters and Fast 100 winner and the company’s Managing Director, Bernard Chia was a finalist in the 2013 Business News 40 Under 40 awards. Recently, Alyka was the overall 2016 Business News Professional Service winner.

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