Think of your business as a Terminator T-800, what made the T-800 succeed?

Last weekend, alike many men that I know, I dragged my wife along to see the new Terminator film. Whilst being thoroughly entertained during the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder how does the T800 continue to best foes that ever increase in ability, and, how does this correlate to the successful business?

Like a small business Arnold Schwarzenegger’s model of Terminator is extremely resilient. In every movie the machine is beaten to a pulp, loses arm, and is temporarily deactivated. However, the machine always manages to get back up and get the job done.

This is very similar to anyone who operates a small business. There are events that occur that have near catastrophic consequences to the business, whether it be loss of a client base, contracting markets, accidents or environmental events outside of the proprietors control that can bring a business to its knees. However, time and time again the large majority of these businesses must persevere and get the job done, as there is too much at stake to give in and give up.

The T-800 has the ability to learn from error and to learn from experience. This is a trait that his various adversaries have missed in the past. The models ability to learn and think more laterally allows him to not only blend into his environment, but it also allows him to truly thrive and partially assimilate into the human demographic.

A business owner, will likely make mistakes in business. They will also encounter issues and bad experiences, which are outside their control or foreseeable scope of thought. However, the business that truly thrives is one that alike the T-800, recognises the fault, and either, discovers a way to avoid it in the future, or follows advice on a better way, very much alike to checking under the sun visor for keys instead of hotwiring every car that they encounter.

The final difference that seems to always get the T-800 over the line, is the fact that he has Sarah Connor and John Connor by his side as a guide. Even though he is sent to protect them on multiple occasions, they always seem to guide him to do the right thing which does not necessarily form his mission objective, but provides a more desirable result. For example, the T-800 would never be able to learn if they did not change his programing from read-only to read-write.

At Carbon, Emma Grant and Myself, would like to be the John and Sarah Connor to your Terminator. As bookkeepers, we see things differently, and can provide you with a view of your business that you could not achieve by yourself. We want to be there to guide, and assist you with your accounts and can even be there as a buffer between you and that nasty T-1000 which is also known as the ATO. So be our Terminator, and let us assist you with ‘Taking Control of your Business’


Stay motivated,

Leonard Commins

Carbon Bookkeeping

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