Reduce Your Existing Mortgage Costs To Get That Investment Property

Reducing your existing mortgage costs is a great way to provide funds for an investment property or second home.

Its quite surprising how many people take out a mortgage to purchase their home without ever looking at it again. Never checking to see if they can get a better rate, or if they could make something of their investment to help secure their financial future.

Have you:

  • Ever wondered how your current home loan rate compares to other lenders?
  • Considered using the equity you have to purchase another property?
  • Thought of the benefits that refinancing could bring you?

Benefits of refinancing:

  • Reduced mortgage repayments
  • Purchase that second property
  • Have a secure financial future
  • Reduce your income tax payments
  • Enjoy increased income
    Contact the team at Carbon Finance today to see how we can find you a better rate for your loan.
Adapted from Australian Life Property

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