Get Paid On Time With Ezidebit And Xero

A common issue amongst the majority of electricians is receiving their payments on time after a job has been completed. Most electricians have opted for the quickest solution to this hurdle – requesting upfront payment prior to commencing a job. Although this is a relatively efficient method for ensuring you receive your funds, customers tend to have mixed opinions – some agree to it, whilst some don’t.

So we thought the easiest way possible for you to receive your payments would be online or through a direct debit…

Introducing Ezidebit

An online merchant facility that allows you to embed an online payment option onto your invoices. Simply send the invoice through to your customer and they will be presented with an option to pay online. They can enter in their card details and the payment gets sent through to your bank account.

No one enjoys the process of following up on invoices. Most electricians spend their evenings going through invoices and emailing clients to follow-up on payments. With Ezidebit direct debit you can set up a payment plan for your customers and never have to worry about following up on your debtors.

ezidebitTo help things along, Xero can also be accessed through an iPad or a tablet. This means that you can invoice and quote a customer on the go out in the field. After completing a job, simply create the invoice in Xero and send it through to the customer. Your customer can then pay the invoice online through the Ezidebit payment portal.

We’ve saved the best for last…with Ezidebit transaction fees for online payments can be added to the total paid by the customer, saving your company the cost to process the transaction online.

Find harmony with Xero and Ezidebit online payments.

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