Carbon group bogan bingo 2017 raising funds for Vinnies WA CEO Sleepout

Carbon Goes Bogan To Raise Funds For Homelessness

In the busy and stressful time of EOFY, many business owners and workers need an excuse to let their hair down and have a laugh, and that’s exactly what they did at our annual Bogan Bingo charity night on Friday!

Half game show, half party, this is the third year that Carbon have hosted the event. And it gets bigger and better each year! We had 150 bogans join us at The Rise in Maylands for a night full of laughs, jokes, air guitar competitions, biggest bogan competitions, and of course, some bingo. Jokes aside, there was a serious side to the night, since the purpose was to raise funds for Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout. Carbon’s co-founders, Jamie Davison and Nathan Hood are due to sleep outdoors on 22nd June with other CEOs in Perth, to raise awareness of homelessness; an initiative run by Vinnies since 2006. It will be the third year the guys have participated, and they have raised a total of $26,422 between them to date.

Friday’s event is about to boost that up massively, since we raised more than $9,000 on the night, through ticket sales, drink and food sales, raffles, auctions and door games. Big thanks to our clients who donated gifts as prizes for our raffle: Grazie Gifts, Life Ready Physio, Pigeonhole, House of Honey and Viva Photography.

Vinnie’s spokesperson Stephanie Rullo started the night by reminding the bogans of the work that Vinnies do, and how their donations would help.

“Vinnies was absolutely overwhelmed by the support of the community that attended the Bogan Bingo night put on by Carbon Group. Both Jamie and Nathan have been supporting Vinnies and the CEO Sleepout, with this being their 3rd year.”

On any given night in WA over 9,500 people are experiencing homelessness. Of these people, 25% are under the age of 18 – an alarming statistic! Growing unemployment , domestic violence, family breakdown and housing stress are major causes, proving that homelessness can happen to anyone at any time. “Support from leaders like Jamie and Nathan is truly vital in ensuring we can turn the light on homelessness and continue to help people experiencing homelessness in our community.”

Carbon’s Nathan Hood acknowledged the support the community showed on the night. “It’s fantastic that we are able to leverage from our clients, family and wider networks to promote these events and make them so successful. Without their support, we wouldn’t have so many people attending our events and therefore raising the amount we have reached.”

Thank you to everyone who attended for making it such a great night, we really value you supporting Carbon’s events and making them a success. If you couldn’t make the night, there is still chance to donate through the donation’s page on the CEO Sleepout website. Our Bogan Bingo night will return next year so keep an eye out for information on Carbon’s event page early next year!

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