Benefits of Customers Centric Accounts Receivable

As more and more businesses ride the cloud and hop on the automation bandwagon, a compelling question we find ourselves asking: Automation works for us, but how does it work for you, our customers? Our Carbonites are saved from many tedious routine tasks, but are we losing the personal touch you have come to expect?

Automated accounts receivable software, ezyCollect, has helped break the mould with software designed to meet your needs. We thought we’d create a quick list of how you can benefit:

Be the reminder system your customers rely on

Busy customers can lose track of time and forget to pay. Even though your business operates efficiently, your customers may not have the systems in place to stay on top of their accounts payables. You’ve probably had customers reply to your reminders with an apologetic “Sorry, I overlooked your invoice, thanks for the reminder.” Automating a series of reminders is good for you and your customers.

Accept payments online

When your business accepts payments online, especially via credit cards, it gives your customers more options to pay you: they can pay you at a time of day or night that suits them (not just during your business hours) and with a simple click from your invoice or reminder they can settle their debt with you.

Personalised and polite communications

If you’re firing off invoice reminders in haste or anger (which can happen if you’ve let overdue debts slide for too long), chances are you’ll be using language you’ll regret later. ezyCollect’s templates for reminders allow you to pre-write your email and SMS reminder messages, so they are polite, and brand aligned.

Send a thank you email

A “thank you for your payment” email is a really effective way to reinforce your customer’s prompt payment behaviour, but who has the time? ezyCollect’s software allows you to pre-set your thank you message so that as you receive payments, your customers are rewarded with your sincere thanks. It’s a nice touch that sets you up for the next transaction.

In our growing service economy, automation with the personal touch could just be your competitive advantage. If you like the sound of automating your accounts receivables but need a little help – why not get in touch with Carbon Business Systems – they’re our Guru’s and we’re happy to share!

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