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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has been a buzz word in the business sector over the last few years, with many businesses moving over to “the cloud”. But what is this cloud that everyone is referring to? In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and program over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The “cloud” is just a metaphor for the internet.

Basically it means no longer storing everything on your personal hard drive on your computer. That storage, is called local storage.

Why Should My Business Use Cloud Computing?

Increased security: The first thing people think of when hearing cloud based software, is that their data is at risk of been stolen. You’ll actually find that all cloud based software has stringent security requirements – most are on par with the security levels of bank institutions. The data is also stored in world class secure locations. There is more chance of someone breaking into your own personal building, and downloading everything onto a USB then getting access online.

Low initial costs: No fancy hardware needed, no massive server costs. Most applications operate on a SaaS model where you pay monthly for what you need. Small initial investment with small ongoing costs.

Speed: As your data size grows, any local storage needs to be upgraded to handle the volume. With cloud based software, the providers manage it for you. Your data storage can grow to any size – you probably won’t even be aware of how much you are using.

Reliability: The cloud storage servers, are also backed up to multiple locations, with fall backs, and disaster recovery models in place. The cost to have that internally managed by a business would be extremely costly.

Integrations: Different cloud applications can all be connected together to send data to and from in real time. This means data from your POS, such as Vend, or Kounta can be pushed to your accounting platform like Xero, removing the double entry hassle.

What Are The Disadvantages Associated With Cloud Computing?

Internet connection required: To access your cloud storage you require internet connection. This can be made difficult as internet outages are almost always out of your control. This has been mitigated recently by most cloud services, as they download a local cached copy that can be worked on short term, and your data can be pushed back up to the cloud once you are back connected.

Technical Issue: If there is an issue with the cloud provider’s servers, it’s also out of your hands to try and rectify.
Somewhat limited flexibility: Cloud software and storage, is generally catered to the majority. Small custom tweaks are generally not available.

The low costs of moving to cloud systems means that small businesses can now take advantage of the productivity gains previously only achieved by large corporations with bigger budgets. So if you’re still sat on the fence when it comes to switching to the cloud, now is the time to take the step forward. Start with a complimentary consultation with the cloud integrators at Carbon Business Systems to see how your business will benefit. Call us to get started, on (08) 9446 8588.

Carbon Group Cloud Integrators recommend Wink Reports for cloud-based reporting software

Cloud Based Reporting Apps to Assist My Business

With cloud based apps, we have at our fingertips access to live up-to-date data. Whilst this is a massive benefit, we also need ways to view the data. Especially when we start having multiple sources of data. Imagine a business that uses Xero for their accounting, Vend for their point-of-sale, and Deputy for their rostering. Alone, each of these apps are incredibly valuable tools, giving you access to real data anywhere in the world. But you’re required to log into each app independently to view data. This is where reporting comes in. With cloud based technologies, almost all have what’s called an API (Application Programing Interface). This is a way that a program is designed to allow different application to connect and extract data. A reporting tool connects these data sources together to allow a single place to view all your data.

Wink Reports

Wink Reports is a certified Xero add-on partner dedicated to providing a reporting solution out of the box with minimal set up time. Previously a time consuming manual process that relied on multiple people cross-checking for errors, cloud based reporting such as Wink has made this a thing of the past.
This data can be displayed in a multitude of ways, in varying dashboard and graphs that are completely customizable and simple to view. A large range of programs can be integrated with Wink Reports, such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Xero and Vend.

Why Use Cloud Based Reporting?
• Simple and affordable to set-up
• Access reports on any device, in any location, at any time
• Link with an extensive suite of online applications for comprehensive reporting in one place
• Real-time reporting making accurate business decisions a breeze
• Secure and easy to use

Sound like your business can benefit from using online reporting software? Contact our team of cloud integrators at Carbon Business Systems for a complimentary chat on how we can take your business to the next level with online applications. Call us on (08) 9446 8588.


What Cloud Apps Does My Business Need

Cloud technology is fast becoming an essential part of running businesses. Applications are available to assist with stock management, rostering, and point of sale. Every business needs applications, but nowadays almost everything revolves around the accounting package, and for small to medium size business, nothing beats Xero. This should be the starting point for your business whether you are starting a new one, buying into an existing business, or expanding your business. From here, you have access to a wealth of the Xero’s marketplace. We have taken the time to handpick what we feel are the best available option based on the industry you operate in.

Office365 For Your Business

With your accounting package chosen, branding and online presence is a key factor to consider, including your email solution. With Office365 you can have your very own branded email (think @carbongroup.com.au). This gives your business a much more professional image when emailing clients or suppliers, much better than a @hotmail, or @outlook etc. address. It’s an easy, affordable option to get a jump on your competitors in this day and age where reputation is critical. One of the best benefits of picking Office365 over the other options offered by web providers, and hosted email providers, is that you can get access to all or part of the Office suite. This mean you get latest version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook etc. Capture Marketing Group have a great package for start-up businesses that includes a professional email address relevant to your business.

Cloud Applications To Enhance Your Business

The above-mentioned options, Xero and Office 365 are universal, but now comes the tricky part – picking a solution that is industry focused to really benefit and drive your business forward. There are a wealth of options available, but it’s important to understand exactly what you want to get out of the application. When researching a solution, it’s important to determine how flexible the application is. No two businesses operate in exactly the same way. Some cafes do table service, while some have people pay at the register before sitting. Some have complicated menus with option such as “How would you like your steak cooked” or “skim, soy or full cream milk in your coffee?”. It’s important that the system can accommodate your requirements, as you don’t want to adjust the way your business operates to suit the application, but rather adjust the application to fit within your business.

After much testing, and now many business setups of the software, we have managed to narrow down our chosen applications to industry specific options:
• Cloud point of sale system (hospitality) – Kounta
• Cloud point of sale system (retail) – Vend
• Online job management – Ascora

There’s also other solutions that compliment these, whether it’s reporting or rostering and timesheet solutions. Way too many to try and mention here, so book in a complimentary meeting and review of your current business model and applications, and we can see if we can assist in any way! Contact our cloud integrators on (08) 9446 8588 to find the perfect suite of cloud applications for your business.

What cloud applications can i use to assist my business in the run up to the EOFY? Call Carbon Group for more information.

Cloud Applications to Assist Businesses in the Run up to EOFY

As we are coming to the end of the financial year, there isn’t a better time to start looking at revamping your business processes and implementing some awesome cloud-based applications to streamline operations. What is a cloud application? Put simply, a cloud application is a piece of software that is hosted online rather than desktop based. It allows the user to login and access the account from any device, in any location providing there is an internet connection.

What Cloud Applications Can My Business Use?

Depending on which industry your business operates in there are a range of online applications that can benefit you, however these all revolve around your accounting package. The accounting package is central to your business. After all, it’s where the financial data is kept and reported on. Do you know your current profit and loss? How many invoices have you sent out this month? How are you tracking month-to-month? Year-to-year? With the move to cloud accounting packages, this data can be viewed on a daily basis, all accessible anywhere, anytime. There hasn’t been a better time to move onto Xero. In fact, Xero has just cracked the 1 million subscribers milestone!

Once you have Xero in place, we can look at the interesting stuff. Are you in the tradie industry? Let’s look at ServiceM8 for those start-ups business to get the ball rolling and the money coming in. Already established and looking to ramp things up and grow, let’s look at Ascora – the job management system that suits small to large businesses. These apps are all designed to minimise required administration time, and speed up the invoicing time frame which equals more money coming into the bank. By implementing a job management systems, business frequently see an increase in the number of jobs completed per week by anywhere between 2-10, sometimes more. This throughout the year can equal a massive increase in revenue.

Perhaps you’re operating in the retail or hospitality industries. For these, we have selected Vend and Kounta respectively to offer the best possible solution to business owners. These both offer an awesome feature set for taking your business to the next level and embracing cloud based technologies.

There really isn’t a better time to look at bringing in these new technologies. By starting now, you will be fully up and running prior to EOFY, to truly gauge the increase in efficiencies throughout an entire year! If cloud applications sound like the way forward for your business, contact Carbon Business Systems today for a complimentary discussion on how they can change your business.

The role of a cloud integrator is to implement cloud based applications to improve business efficiency in Perth

What Is A Cloud Integrator?

More and more businesses owners are adopting cloud-based technologies to improve processes and efficiencies within their business. The costs of these applications are falling, and more and more are becoming available, providing a rich market which is reducing the costs for business to implement these. Plus as they are almost all based on a Subscription-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, there is no large upfront investment cost which traditionally made these awesome applications unavailable for small businesses. Now the small to mid-size businesses can have software that competes with the enterprise scale businesses.

Cloud-Based applications include:
• Online point of sale (POS) systems – Vend & Kounta
• Mobile job management – ServiceM8 & Tradify
• Online rostering & timesheets – Tsheets & Deputy
• Online project management systems
Inventory & stock control management – Dear Inventory

Whilst these apps are awesome, what if someone in your team doesn’t have the technical know-how, or you just don’t have time to invest in ensuring these apps are setup in the best possible way to compliment and improve your business? Enter the role of the cloud integrator.

The Role of a Cloud Integrator

Cloud integrators are people normally within accounting or bookkeeping firms, or an entire standalone business (such as Carbon Business Systems) whose entire role is dedicated to learning a chosen number of application to implement into businesses on their behalf. They have the technical know-how, time, and expertise with their selected apps to ensure a smooth transition, and most importantly; a fast return on your investment. They have done the hard work of trawling through the vast number of applications, and selecting the best of the best that truly benefits the end user, and has the largest feature set.

Choosing a Cloud Integrator in Perth

How do you go about finding an appropriate app, or cloud integrator? Search Google for cloud integrators and you will easily find local businesses who have spent time learning these apps, and developing appropriate websites to ensure these skills are highlighted. However, don’t be limited by location. With cloud apps, these businesses will be able to help you from anywhere within the country. One thing to be wary of, is a business that says they can implement any app, as all of these apps take time to master, and you don’t want to pick someone who might not be 100% confident on the particular app you wish to bring into the business.

The other alternative is identify the shortcoming of your business, then search for an app that fulfills this need. Most apps such as Kounta, Vend, or Deputy have partners who are specifically qualified to implement the software for businesses. These should be your go to people for help and assistance.

Carbon Business Systems’ team of cloud integrators offer a personalised service to all businesses. Starting with a consultation to find out about the business and its current processes, they then go on to analyse, recommend, implement and then train business owners and their staff in the right cloud applications for their needs. Interested in finding out more? Contact the team for a complimentary discussion.