Carbon Group’s November Networking Event

Well that’s a wrap folks. Last Tuesday Carbon Group held our final networking event for 2017 and it was a full house of industry leaders. With a focus on ‘Tech & Your Business’ the event featured a line-up of excellent guest presenters including Chris Bates the Founder & MD at Checkside, Bernard Chia the Founding Partner at Alyka and Greg Riebe the Chairman at Perth Angels.

Chris Bates took attendee’s through the 8 Pillars of strategic HR and how leveraging HR technology can increase revenue growth by up to 150%. Chris managed to pack a lot of information into a short ten-minute timeframe including how SMEs can build great people management systems, recruit and train A-grade staff and how to drive a high-performance and engaged workforce. He also gave us a sneak peek at a few cool applications including bambooHR, definitive, Wrike and Trello.

We then jumped straight into the world of kick ass digital marketing with Bernard Chia. We were immersed in next generation programmic ads, artificial intelligence, real time add optimisation and EDM campaigns. Attendee’s came away with some smart tips on how to strategise content, measure the true value of their marketing channels and the right ways to attribute conversions.

The formalities were rounded out by a veritable ‘how to guide’ from Greg Riebe on investing in the tech start-up space. Greg’s pro-tip for assessing investment opportunities came in the form of 6 P’s: Pitch, proposition, proof, protection, people and plan. Perhaps the most important message taken away by attendee’s was the importance of understanding their investment focus and being open to networking with like-minded professionals.

It has been a fantastic year for Carbon Group and we have definitely enjoyed hosting these networking events for Perth’s business community. We feel it is through shared learning and networking with energetic like-minded individuals that we can better ourselves on both a professional and personal level.

Thank you to all of our speakers over the year, to the fabulous folk at Grazie Gifts for their door prize, and everyone who attended the events. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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